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Its the Magic of creation



"Special Tactics"

A proven systems to conceive, flush out, and prototype hot products. Ideas are cheap its the finish product that matters. This system has allowed me to create and prototype as many as 30 out concepts in a month!



"Serious design chops"

Understanding how to capture the right look for any given project is challenging. Every item has a form and that form speaks to the user. Ultimately one must understand people to make great products.



"Map out your battle plan"

You cant make a great product if you don't have a plan. Finding the perfect simplest solution is not always a straight line. Learning how to take cognitive leaps is key, while knowing where your headed is invaluable.



"Make it Work!"

The greatest idea with out execution is pointless. Knowing how to get down and dirty to build an prove you concepts is vital. There's many ways to prove your concept even with tools at hand you just have to know how.



How the numbers stack up

100+ Products

Over 100 products developed and brought to market. My works are sold in more than 15 countries around the world.

8,760+ hours

Total time in Asia. I have spent over a year in China developing products, working closely with some of the world’s biggest retailers to make sure whats shipped delivers on its design goals.

oo7+ Patents

Named as inventor on 7 patents with several more patent pending.





Hi, I'm Blake and I'm a toy designer.  Been doing it for the past 14  years,  eight as the Corporate Design Director at Lanard toys leading  boys’ products, girls’ products, graphics design, packaging.  You can now find me freelancing and innovating.

Parallel to the managing and directing of all creative development, I work closely in collaboration with the engineering, costing and sales departments.  Guiding the workflow and trajectory of an item or brand to ensure the best possible products make it to market.  From innovative ideas on paper to marketable items on retail shelves,  I strive for nothing less.  This approach has proven to directly result in awesome products and brands that have lead to dramatic growth and increased revenue.

This success is due in part to my unique approach drawing on my diverse background.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and further studies in psychology, graphics, and business.   This allows me to approach projects with a unique multifaceted approach.  This gives me a full toolbox of skill to create the best possible products for any price point or demographic.

Keynote Speaking

"Designing Innovation"

Exciting talk with key actionable information to get you and your audience thinking and ready to Innovate.

KeyNote Speaking

I live to create and love to inspire and teach others how they can too!



"Creating like a master"

Covers 10 steps to find your inner spark and ignite it!

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

"How Masters Create and Entrepreneurs Build"

An exciting TED like talk customs catered for your audience. In this 30 or 60 minute talk your group will be inspired and walk away with new skills to grow your business or create the next hot product

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In this intensive workshop you will learn all my tricks

Intensive and exciting this 1 or 2 day workshop will be engaged your team. In phase 1 they will actively learn how to rewire their brans, excursive their neurons and learn to think in new ways. In phase 2 we will build on that knowledge to conceptualize with those new though processes and ultimately mind prototype everyones concepts.

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Chrisopher Cooper

Fire Captain LAFD

Our product development firm has created several new products in the three years since our incorporation. As a startup company we have reached out carefully for mentors with proven experience in the product development field. Blake Nichols is one of the innovative people we have identified in the arena of product development. His experience with product management from inception to final shelf product is heralded in the field.
Being associated with Blake has elevated our company in so many ways. We strive to ensure that as a company we can achieve the standards that he has set for himself and those around him.

Adam Roe

Owner/Founder of Cloud City Forge

Blake was my mentor during my first “toy industry” internship. I was introduced to some key aspects of design that remain with me to this day. I also learned the value of a big picture approach to design. That internship was nearly a decade ago, and since then Blake and I have continued to stay in contact, meeting up in-between projects, here, there, or maybe in Hong Kong on a business trip. I always find allot of value in our conversation whenever we do get the chance to catch up, I find that Blake’s experience affords him a depth of insight into the world of design and marketing that I cannot really get anywhere else."

Adam Ybarra

Concept Artist for VFX

When I started working for Blake, I was fresh out of design school. I quickly learned that while I perhaps had some good technical skill from my formal training, I knew nothing about how to TRULY design and innovate. These were things I learned from Blake. When faced with any design issue- no matter how seemingly insurmountable- he taught me how to think deeper and approach the issue from unexpected angles to arrive at an impactful solution. Also, one of the most valuable lessons was in applying knowledge to execute an idea starting from a casual idea, refining that idea, and seeing it all the way through to a finished product sitting on store shelves. I use all the principles and practices he taught me on a daily basis over a wide variety of tasks.

edwin benton

CEO Sland n’ Friendz

"Working with Blake is one of the best decisions I've made as a CEO. His experience and keen knowledge of the industry has already saved us thousands of dollars and taken our products to a whole new level of consumer engagement. I am blessed to have him as an advisor!"

Christopher Kai

KGL Consulting

Blake was a terriffic choice to speak at Mondays at the Mission "a career and life skills program " . He quickly engagement the audience leading them down a journey of "the creative process". In that journey he outlines the skill sets needed at toolbox of tricks. These tools included ideation, research, design steps and to use determination to overcoming challenges and obstacles. The hour flew by and even included a demonstration - taking an audience members concept from scratch to rendering. He would be a great choice of speaker if your looking to learn more about designing innovation.

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